If you are looking for tight and radiant skin, mesotherapy can help you achieve the desired looks. With the advancements in the beauty world, several cosmetic treatments have gained popularity, but no procedure is as powerful as mesotherapy. Known for its effectiveness in addressing a multitude of skin concerns, mesotherapy is a minimally invasive aesthetic treatment involving injecting vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts into the middle layer of the skin. Mesotherapy treatment has the ability to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin, making it the best non-surgical alternative for aging, discoloration, and many other skin problems. 

How Effective Is The Procedure Of Mesotherapy?

Meso treatment is effective for skin problems because of the different ingredients used in the procedure. People with mesotherapy treatment have been seen with reduced aging signs, such as fine lines and wrinkles. The vitamins and antioxidants in the injections help slow the aging process, treat scars, and result in tight and glowing skin. The notable results of mesotherapy make it an effective treatment for addressing skin problems. 

What To Prepare For Mesotherapy Procedure?

Mesotherapy is a safe treatment, but you must remember a few before and after things to make the process more effective. The first thing that comes under mesotherapy before and after instruction is to find a professional aesthetician for mesotherapy treatment who has rich experience in this field to ensure they adhere to industry standards. They may ask you to avoid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs at least seven days before the procedure to reduce the risk of bleeding during the procedure.

During the session, you may have numbing medicine applied to the skin. The aesthetician will wait for a few minutes and check the numbness of the skin. When your skin is numbed, the injection will be given at different depths that may vary from 1-4 millimeters into the skin of the target area, depending on your skin condition. Each injection will leave a tiny drop of the solution. 

Once the meso treatment is over, you can return to your home after 10-30 minutes. You may need several mesotherapy sessions to get the desired results. The aesthetician may call you in 7-10 days intervals for at least 3-5 times. The number of sessions of mesotherapy treatment will largely depend on the skin type or condition. 

To reap the maximum results, make sure you follow the mesotherapy before and after instructions. After mesotherapy, immediately protect the skin from the sun and avoid excessive heat, saunas, and strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours. Additionally, stay hydrated, follow the skincare regime the aesthetician recommends, and attend scheduled follow-up appointments to ensure the best possible results and minimize side effects. 

What Are the Side Effects & Risks Associated With Mesotherapy?

Like any other medical treatment, mesotherapy treatment comes with side effects. However, the risks and complications are relatively low and will fade away with time, so you do not need to worry about them. The most common side effects associated with mesotherapy for the face are- 

  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • Sensitivity 
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Bruising
  • Bumps at the injection site
  • Dark patches on the skin
  • Rashes
  • Infection 
  • Scars

It is not necessary that these effects will be experienced by everyone; many of us do not show any of the aforementioned side effects and enjoy the results. 

Can Mesotherapy Be The Alternative To Liposuction?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure to remove fat from the body that you can not get rid of by diet and exercise. The process is usually done on the hips, belly, thighs, buttocks, back, arms, and under the chin to improve their shape. Cosmetic surgeons perform this treatment by inserting a thin plastic tube through small incisions in your skin and then suctioning out the fat using a surgical vacuum. 

It is clear from the above explanation that mesotherapy helps improve the skin while reducing aging signs and discoloration, whereas liposuction only works to remove the excessive fat from the body. Therefore, liposuction and mesotherapy treatment are both different and can not be used alternatively. 

Can Mesotherapy Be Used For Hair Loss?

Yes, in addition to treating skin problems such as aging, fine lines, and discoloration, mesotherapy can also used for hair loss. In this, natural plant extracts, vitamins, or medicines like minoxidil and finasteride are injected into the head to reduce hair fall. It tends to say that mesotherapy treatment for head corrects the hormonal imbalance in and around the hair follicle, improves blood circulation, and delivers the required nutrition to the hair. Substances like minoxidil and finasteride are said to be effective for hair loss. 

How Much Does Mesotherapy Cost?

The Mesotherapy cost can vary on several factors, and the key factors influencing the prices are:

  • The location of the clinic.
  • The experience and reputation of the esthetician.
  • The number of sessions required.
  • The specific treatment goals.

While choosing the mesotherapy practitioner for you, consider their price and keep their experience and work in mind if you want to achieve the desired results.

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