Is following your old skincare routine ineffective in enhancing your facial glow? If the answer is no, you must follow a new skincare routine that suits your skin type. The beauty industry is flooded with skincare products that create a lot of dilemmas on what to choose or which one is best for the skin. All the complexities might go away once you understand the basics of skincare.

We outline steps for a healthy skincare routine to help you achieve a clear skin tone.

Steps To Follow For Skincare Routine

Although you can blend makeup on your face to hide dark spots and acne, skincare is unavoidable to gain the nourishment your skin requires. Before jumping to the steps for how to build a skincare routines, let’s keep a few basics intact:

  • Keep your skincare routine basic; there is no requirement to make it complex with products.
  • Determine your skin type and look for its sensitivity trigger that can directly cause loss of nourishment. 
  • Keep extra care for skincare while applying makeup to enhance the penetration, and also follow the moisturizing routine after removing makeup.

Here is a list of steps for you to build a skincare routine that improves your skin tone:

Use A Gentle Face Wash

The foremost step is purifying your skin to remove the tract of dirt and oil accumulation. You should use a gentle facewash from a branded company instead of harsh soap for skin cleansing. These natural face washes have the best hydration properties that remove impurities without eliminating essential oils. 


Next, move to the skin exfoliation routine to remove dead skin and excess oil from your skin. You can use a natural scrubber or facemask to get rid of blackheads or whiteheads effectively. It also helps remove skin tanning and work on clogged pores to alleviate your complexion. However, skin exfoliation can’t be your daily routine; once or twice a week will be enough to gain benefits. 

Skin Toner

One of the underrated skincare parts that most of us avoid is thinking that the cleaning part is over already. Skin toner has a specific purpose for your skin, so don’t mistake it for an astringent. Toners restore your skin’s pH level by removing any last trace of dirt and patches that clog pores.  All you need to do is take a cotton ball, dip it in toner, and gently roll it out to your face.

Compact With Serums

Once the skincare cleansing and toning part is done, your skin is ready to get a touch of serum. What are serums? Our skin deals with acne, wrinkles, dryness, and pigmentation conditions; serums effectively nourish your skin to address these skin problems. Make sure to use toxin-free serums to add more elasticity to the skin and uplift the overall tone. 

Spot Treatment

The spot treatment routine helps in reducing acne scars and dark spots. You can use gel, cream, or even patches for spot treatment to fix your skin acne and pigmentation issues. With rich antioxidants and another vitamin, it soothes swelling and acne redness on the skin. 

So, if you are not dealing with such issues, you can skip this spot treatment part. 


Without a doubt, your skin requires moisturizer treatment to get enough nourishment and hydration. The active ingredients of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and glycerine present in moisturizers penetrate your skin layers and pack them with hydration that stays for a long time. Based on seasons, you can pick your moisturizers, like oily ones for winter and lighter ones for summer.

Add-On Skincare Routine

Now, let’s move to a few add-ons that you can follow to complete your skincare routine and make it more effective.

Sunscreen & Overnight Mask 

Well, dermatologists suggest that sunscreens are a must for your skin. It blocks ultraviolet rays and protects your skin from sunburns and tanning. Applying sunscreen can effectively work to fight premature aging signs and reverse the damaging effects on the skin. 


Furthermore, you can use the overnight mask as an add-on routine after removing your makeup during bedtime. To reduce effort and time, apply an overnight mask rich in collagen and vitamins, which can get you refreshed skin for the next morning. 

Under – Eye Cream

Eye creams should be a part of your skincare routine to get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes; massaging the cream stimulates blood flow and adds smoothness to your skin. As screen time increases due to the usability of smartphones and PCs, these eye creams will be a great hack to get rid of eye tiredness. 

Have Patience, Skincare Takes Time!

Every skincare product takes a stipulated time of at least 6 to 7 weeks to show effective results. Consistency is the key to achieving it; you should follow the daily routine to make the results visible. If you are dealing with high pigmentation and acne, the time cycle can be longer; still, you can wait patiently to get the right result. 

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