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A healthy body is beautiful; hence, it should be taken care of. Health should be your number one priority, and deficiency of any kind should not be ignored, whether it is a vitamin or a low metabolic rate. Several factors can cause deficiency, thereby causing a dull and tired appearance. The most significant factor that affects your beauty and health is your hectic schedule. As we live in the “fast-tech” world, health is usually ignored, and this can further lead to vitamin deficiency and abnormal weight gain.  

Uncontrolled weight gain can cause additional health issues such as body aches, saggy skin, etc. We at Glowy Med Spa understand the health conditions associated with weight gain and B12 deficiency; hence, we are here with various health treatments. 

At Glowy Med Spa, we house certified and licensed health treatment estheticians. Our professionals bring years of experience to the table and are experts in handling injectables. We take pride in offering our clients minimally invasive methods for reducing excess fat and getting the body shape of their dreams!

Our Spectrum Of Health Treatments

B12 shot

B12 shots are essential for your health and reduce the early signs of aging. These injections promote the production of red blood cells in your body, improve immunity, promote weight loss, and boost energy & mood levels. B12 shots also attack ‘burnout’ or exhaustion. If you want to rejuvenate your body internally and externally, B12 shots is the treatment you need.

Duration- 15 Min


Lipo shots

No matter what you do, your fat won’t reduce, which can be due to a low-fat metabolism rate. Where there is a problem, there is a solution as well, and for your fat, the answer is lipo shots. Also known as a fat-burning injection, it increases the fat metabolic rate of your body, suppresses your appetite and stimulates natural weight loss.

Duration- 15 min


Why Trust Glowy Med Spa For Health Treatment?

Beauty Is Within
We merely help you bring out your inner beauty with minimal to no pain.

Result Driven

We strive to gain maximum results with our minimally invasive treatments. Our professionals ensure zero downtime and efficiency right from the first session.


Personalized Care

We know that everybody is unique and responds to external care differently. Therefore, we are here with our personalized care and treatments, devised uniquely for all our clients.


Certified & Trained Professionals

When it comes to minimally invasive treatments, expertise and certification are essential. It instills credibility and authenticity in our services; we know this, so we offer the same.


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