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In the words of Jim Rohn, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.” Your body is your temple, and your head is the idol; besides, it is always said ━ a happy head equals a happy day! Your head goes through strenuous stress, both from outside and inside, i.e., through pollution, dust, and dirt on the outside and mental illness on the inside. Stress further causes hair loss, headaches, and bald patches.

Losing your hair excessively or having consistent headaches can be a complete turn-off for your entire day. Nevertheless, there is a solution to every problem in today’s technology-packed world. At Glowy Med Spa, we understand the significance of a healthy head and thus offer a diverse range of head treatments. We have you covered, from head massages to microneedling and hair loss treatments!

An Array Of Head Treatment Services

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), also known as stem cell therapy, is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment used to treat hair loss. This head treatment will stimulate hair growth through wound and tissue healing. PRP head treatment is used chiefly for Androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness; nevertheless, women experiencing bald patches can also book this treatment.

Duration- 60 min


Microneedling For Hair Restoration

Generally, microneedling is associated with treatments for the face and neck area. However, microneedling is a cosmetic treatment used to fight the signs of aging, including hair loss. As a scar treatment, microneedling for hair restoration not only treats baldness but also promotes the release of hair growth hormones. 

Duration- 60 min


Mesotherapy for hair

This is the best service for you if you experience frequent headaches or hair loss. Mesotherapy for hair is a treatment where our estheticians will provide your scalp with vitamins that will further boost the blood flow in your head. The therapy activates the hair follicles, promoting hair restoration and revitalization. 


Duration- 60 min


Head Relaxing Massage

A relaxing head massage is something that everyone craves! It soothes the nerves of your head and relaxes your body. Our experts use the best methods to relieve you of all the stress. We use different oils to release muscle tension, and also offer detangled hair so that you enjoy a GOOD HAIR DAY! 

Duration- 20 min


Why Choose Glowy Med Spa?

Relax Your Mind And Soul
Everyone is Beautiful, and we are here to help the world see it!

Individualized Head Treatment Services

Every head has different needs and thus needs unique and personalized services. Get head treatments that specialize in addressing your individual needs.


Certified Hair Restoration Professionals

Head is important, and so is its care; one should only trust licensed and certified professionals. Glowy Med Spa houses a team of certified hair restoration estheticians.


Latest Treatment Technology

To give you your beauty and confidence back, we use the latest techniques like PRP and mesotherapy to help you fight the early signs of hair loss.


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